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Good Practices in Energy and Climate Governance - Report

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Strong climate and energy governance arrangements can mobilize actors and resources, foster public support and ownership, and ensure that responsibilities and benefits are shared equitably.

This report presents good practices in energy and climate governance in the form of case studies from seven EU Member States –the Netherlands, Estonia, Ireland, France, Germany, Sweden and Luxembourg – as well as from outside Europe, by focusing on Canada and the US State of California. The objective is to highlight how these good practices have managed to involve LRAs, CSOs, other stakeholders and the public in effective participation processes.

Full report here.

Fit to lead? An assessment of selected 5 draft national energy and climate plans:

Finland, Sweden, Portugal, France and Germany

We have extended our analysis to the plans of a further five countries. Click to download them now.

Fit to succeed? An assessment of the national draft energy and climate plans

Find the analysis of our 5 target countries below:

Click to see the Spanish, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Hungarian assessments. 

Main findings in good practice governance

Summary of main findings in good practices in energy and climate governance in EU Member States

Good practice in climate & energy governance

A methodology for the selection and collection of good practice examples in EU Member States

This report explains the methodology for the selection and collection of high-quality good practices in climate and energy governance.

Report: Roundtables with Ministry Officials

on Effective Climate and Energy Governance

Report: Capacity building workshops

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