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Miira Riipinen, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities

How to engage citizens in local climate action?

"Finnish cities and municipalities have very ambitious climate goals and lots of measures done or to be done in the future to gain those goals.

The challenge lays on how to engage citizens to be part of their cities’ climate targets. But in Finland we already have some initiatives motivating citizens to get engaged.

For instance, in Lahti city - which is also competing for the European Green Capital Award - they have a carbon trade system for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in mobility. Through an application, the person participating in this project can gain points if she/he chooses a smart mobility solution. With those points, users can get discounts on for example bus tickets, or a free bicycle repair. 

Another interesting example is happening in Ii municipality. They have a 50-50 energy project in schools and kindergartens. There, children are doing lots of measures to make their school or kindergarten energy-efficient by, for example, shutting off the lights or using computers only when needed. The most interesting part is that children get 50% of the savings gained through these energy efficiency measures. They get the money for themselves and can buy new sports equipment, etc."

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